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Welcome to Ceduna online’s  gallery. 
The main aim of this site is to give people from all over the world the opportunity to see the beauty and  serenity  of Ceduna  and the surounding districts of the Far west coast of  South Australia . 

Ceduna or (Chedoona ) meaning a place to rest is built on land that is traditionaly the homelands of a number of tribal groups , Wirangu , Mirning. and ,Kokatha to name a few. 

Ceduna Jetty was built in 1902 to help service the township and local areas  needs. 

For many years, locals called the township Murat Bay and it was not until the railways came and called the siding Ceduna in 1915 ,that locals fully adopted the name. 

In June of 1915, the township of Ceduna was proclaimed. A Water pipeline was built and officially connected in June of 1928. 

Sunsets and night skys

Cactus beach and some local Ceduna shots